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Having Funds Under 30’s is Fun

jomarlipon - June 25, 2018 - 0 comments

Which age bracket do you fall into? Are you having fun throughout the years until now? Are you financially stable without breaking your current balance while enjoying what you love to do?

Personally, I’m currently in my under 30’s. In three years time, It will be the start of my 30’s but after I attended the Sun Life Financial event titled “Let have some FUNds” last June 24, 2018, in Ayala Center Cebu my life has doubt and more questions.

Am I ready to take the next chapter of my life? I bet I’ll have my own family because I’m #Jowable but am I ready? #AdvanceAkoMagisip! Do I have savings for the educational plan for my children by that time? Can I still enjoy traveling with my family now without breaking my account balance? And the answer to all my questions is leading me to “I’m still not ready”. Then I asked myself again, “When will I be ready?.

What are the common money mistakes under your 30’s?

  1. No savings

    How much is current savings? Will it be enough to sustain any accidental or personal needs in the next 5 years? Personally, I don’t have enough savings to sustain my needs in the next 5 years or even my family.
  2. Overspending

    Even though I’m the one who is in-charge in budgeting every travel sometimes but still I overbudget on my pocket money. As a travel blogger of, I sometimes overspend sometimes that I came to a point to do approach “ATM (Ay Ta Ma!)” even I do have daily fulltime and freelance job.
  3. Credit Abuse

    Credit cards nowadays can easily be acquired due to the requirements and fast approval. Easy to Swipe, Hard to Pay. If you have the credit cards, you can easily swipe and didn’t notice you already reach the max credit limit and the time comes when you even hardly pay the minimum payment.
  4. Pay-off Debts 

    Pay-off Debts are debts that you pay in recurring. Loans are mostly fell into this one. The recurring payment of your debts until it paid. You need to be smart in paying this one.

  5. Neglecting Insurance 

    This is common to mid-20’s. Neglecting insurance in your life is the most common mistakes. Insurance might sound scary but believe me, after what I heard from the one of the event speaker Karlo Lim I just learned its beneficial to the end. #AdvanceAkoMagisip

What is my action to be ready for my future?

  1. Save Money 

    If you’re familiar with formula Net Income – Savings = Expense. Net Income is my total income minus the monthly bills. Every monthly, I separate the bills to avoid overlapping in payments. Then I save 10-15% from the Net Income and the total of it is my expenses but again save enough not over saving.

  2. Don’t Budget from your excess money 

    Why? For example, if your budget for toiletries 1000 bucks every week and in the middle, the money left is 300 bucks. Are you going to starve for the rest of the day? You will intend to get a budget from your savings.

  3. Tally my inflow and outflow money

    In this way, you will know where did your money go in every cents expense. This way, you will know how much is your money left. If you have extra money for the week, you can add it to your savings.
  4. Less Swiping and Smart Payoff DebtsNow, I do shopping using my cash or debit. So that I can monitor my money in my account. Good thing that most of the banks have a mobile app wherein you can monitor every transaction you make. For all debts, you need to know what is the urgent debts and higher interest rate.
  5. Find extra streamIf you can have another stream aside from your daily job, much better. I do have a freelance and small-Shopify business that currently running just this year. If you’re looking for an affordable web developer agency or freelance Cebu web developer please visit the website.
  6. Be Fun with Sun Life Financial

    After hearing from the speakers, I intend to enroll and apply for an insurance so that by next few years. I can use it in my future. There are types of insurance you can get for yourself or family. Get yourself a Sun Life Financial Advisor which can help and guide you to manage your finance.

In this way, I can have fun after couple years without worrying about my financial status. Since I have my insurance and savings as well, I can enjoy my 30’s soon without worrying my financial status and ready to have my own family soon 🙂 It so fun to have money ready while you’re still under 30’s and live to the fullest soon,

To know more about the tips read the blog post of my co-content creators Aldrin:

Image credit to: Aldrin from his post mentioned above

Exciting, right?

If you have more suggestions and tips about money, please don’t hesitate to write down a comment and share this post. 🙂 See you next post!!!


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