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Honest Movie Review of “The Hows of Us”

jomarlipon - September 5, 2018 - 0 comments

This movie review is my personal opinion and how it changes the way I look for the Filipino film today after watching the movie.

“The Hows of Us” is a Philippine romantic drama film directed by a box-office director in Philippine Entertainment industry Direk Cathy Garcia Molina starring one of the hottest and in-demand loveteam Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo produced by ABS-CBN Film Production.

This is my honest movie review of the “The Hows of Us“. I write this review because I just want you to know my opinion and how it changes my perception.

I’m a Filipino citizen but not a fan of the Philippine film but not limiting myself to it. I seldom watch and sometimes avoiding to watch Philippine film in the cinema. Why? When watching a movie, I first look for a trailer and the plot of the story and if the money is worth to spend. I will add also that even in Philippine TV Drama, I rarely watch “Primetime slot” TV Drama but I do love to watch Philippine TV Reality Show. Often Philippine movies and TV series have an international online campaign, thanks to’s sale page.

This time, a friend who invited me to treat me to watch a movie and the time who fit our schedule is 7:00 pm which is the slot for “The Hows of Us”. Honestly, I hesitate to watch the movie but I said to myself, “I’ll try this movie and since I don’t need to spend a single buck for it”.

Here’s the trailer:

This is also my first movie of KathNiel loveteam and sorry to say to all KathNiel fans but I’m not a fan of them when the loveteam is made because of the “Pa, Cute”, “Pa.OA lang” effect on me. Hahaha! Don’t bash me, please!!!

The plot of the story is very good and not boring to watch. I watch every single scenario of the movie because I don’t want to miss a piece of a story and also I want to give myself a full attention to the first KathNiel movies I watch. I grow up watching Kathyrn in her childhood entertainment business and I can say, she has this charming and very pretty too. And not heard of Daniel Padilla before they are paired with each other.

Georgina (played by Kathryn) and Primo (played by Daniel) met during the college debate event about the men and women. As Primo identity, he is a type of guy who will get what he wants whatever it takes while Georgina is a smart college student girl who wants to pursue her dream as a doctor and she loves tulips.

At first, Georgina doesn’t want to take the loving offer of Primo but due to his persistence and passion, they became a couple. Georgina stayed at the house and care of Tita Lola Silva and one day, Primo introduce himself to Tita Lola as Georgina’s suitor. After Tita Lola’s death, Tita Lola’s entitled the house under the name of Tita Lola and Georgina which they agreed to live together by then.

Primo’s dream is to become a musician and introduce OPM to the world while Georgina is to become a doctor. After a few years of living together, struggles keep coming for the both of them which leads to Georgina to say to Primo’s face on a stormy night which also Georgina’s birthday that she is tired and want to give up the relationship because of she wasted her life with the shitty relationship that only herself keep on fighting while Primo is becoming more irresponsible and always down because of this passion to become a musician. On that night, Georgina suddenly asked Primo to leave and so he Primo did.

As time pass by for 2 years, Georgina keeps to trying to fulfill her dream to become a doctor while doing property sales agent. One day, Primo came back to the house and suddenly he knows that their house is about is open for sale to the market which he did argue with Georgina because he doesn’t want to lose the house because he is nowhere to stay after he left the house and came back. But Georgina is still determined to sell the house due to use the money for the eye operation for his brother Yohan. In fact, she agreed to let Primo stay at the house until the house is sold in one condition. 50% percent or not to pass the line that was made by Georgina.

Did Georgina create this rule to prevent Primo to enter her life or to prevent herself to love and accept again Primo to her life?

After Primo’s resurrection from nowhere, Primo’s attitude did change and even his close friends notice it. Primo is sincere to his apology in order to forgive by Georgina after leaving it. One day scene, when Primo did an effort to sing and prepare a decoration “I’m Sorry” in the table while Georgina is about to arrive from work. The spark between them as a couple is back again and eventually, it was also a stormy night. Georgina tries to resists after what happen and even upbraided Primo of giving up with their relationship where in fact she only gives up once and fighting for him many times. She even told Primo to leave the house immediately when the rain stops and he doesn’t want to see Primo’s face again when she came back.

And the rain stops and Georgina came back to the house without Primo but she saw a letter from Primo about his brother Yohan. So Georgina goes the house of her mother and saw Primo is there. She is thankful to Primo for what he has done with his brother. During the conversation, Primo heard that Yohan wants to go Amsterdam where his father is might living there to see the face of his father before he will go blind.

After that, Primo agreed to sell the house for the Yohan’s eye operation but he will leave after and never show his face to Georgina again.

To make it short, Primo got a ticket to Amsterdam for him, Yohan and Georgina to hopefully see the face of Yohan’s father by selling the Primo’s record label. Effort dude!!!

In Amsterdam, they were not able to see the Georgina and Yohan’s father alive but eventually know that their father is looking for them before it died. Georgina also knows how Primo giving up his dream to be a musician by taking care of Primo’s father after he leaves with Georgina from Primo’s friend. Since Georgina love tulips where Amsterdam is full of in a season, Yohan’s made a way to make his sister be happy. He insisted to see a tulip but ending Georgina and Primo have a chance to talk while looking for tulip farms but sadly it was not for tulips season.

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When came back to the Philippines, the house was sold. While cleaning and do the garage sale, Georgina saw a letter from the day they are separated on her birthday which Primo intend to give a gift but doesn’t know it has also a letter about how Primo feels between them. And eventually, understand Primo and makes them be happy again.

Even though the house was sold but they are a back together and live happily ever after 🙂

It was a matured rule for the both of them and I can say their acting is improving and surprisingly Daniel Padilla is improving his voice.

Kudos to the cast and Direk Cathy Molina for showing their capabilities to the finest. I definitely never underestimate Philippine film again. “The Hows of Us” change my perception about the Philippine films and give chance and wants to watch a more quality Philippine film in cinemas, get your verified no deposit bonuses.

Definitely, “The Hows of Us” is an amazing movie and really recommended to those who haven’t yet watch.

“The Hows of Us” recently pass the blockbuster record to hit PHP300million for a Kathniel Movie for the first week.

Next movie to watch, “Miss Granny“, a remake of south-Korean movie lead by Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

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